In September the family want away for my dad’s 60th – to the west of Wales. On the way we stopped off at Tiny Rebel, not only to check out the new tap room, but also stock up on a few beers that we hadn’t had a chance to taste up until then,

The tap room is spacious and welcoming, with a glass wall separating the patrons from the actual brewery. I couldn’t help but think that the brewery staff must feel a little like zoo animals on display (minus the dung throwing and posturing – well that might still go on). The tap list is plentiful with something for all tastes to enjoy, I did miss out of the Cereal Killer though as it had just kicked that afternoon.

The food is top notch and I imagine it has locals coming in just for that alone. I am looking forward to my next visit to Wales and a trip back to Tiny Rebel.