Over the past few years I have moved from Ale’s to the American style IPA’s, DIPA’s, NEIPA and the like. However, it pretty much all started for me when I had a pint of Hop Head at the Evening Star in Brighton. That first pint would spark an enjoyment with all things Dark Star that continues to the day.

The brewery is about a 20-minute drive away in Partridge Green, a trip that is usually met with cyclists out on the roads, stopping off at the partridge for refreshments. Upon entering the Star estate, you wind your way to the brewery that is tucked away at the back.

The building itself you can’t really miss, amusing signage on the windows shows that this brewery has a sense of humour as well as great beers. Every month they have a club special beer that for £16.99 includes a growler of said beer, a t-shirt, 10% discount works out quite a good deal (this month they also included a bottle of BBQ sauce) and invites to their club nights every quarter.

The shop has an interesting selection of local and further afield breweries to try, from Kiln (Burgess Hill), Tiny Rebel (Newport Wales) to Belching Beaver (San Diego) – there is something for everyone.

We attended the first club meeting since they were bought out by Fullers, they were quick to reassure the members that there wouldn’t be any major changes to the business and the recipes would remain the same. After a few questions and answers the group seems to be happy – the free bar and buffet seemed to help a little. Truth be told, the fact that most of the hophead will now be brewed in the Fullers brewery, leaving the Partridge Green team to brew a few “experimental” recipes has me intrigued as to what they will come up with.

So, if you are in the area pop along to the shop and even stop off at the Partridge down the road for a bite to eat.