The idea is a simple one, bring Craft beer brewery T-shirts from their tap rooms straight to your door – every month. There are over 2500 breweries in the USA and countless worldwide, but sadly most of them don’t ship t-shirts – this can be down to cost or logistics. So here are Craft Tee Club we take that headache away and do all the heavy lifting.

Every month we will showcase a brewery from around the world, these will be limited to 100 members in the beginning. The sizes will be from Small up to 4XL and unisex – all for just £19.99 inc delivery.

We speak directly to the breweries to licence a design.

We screen print, package and then send out the tee’s on the 15th of each month.

Your Tee arrives on your doorstep 1-3 working days after that for you to wear and enjoy.

Why Us?

We are a small team of craft beer drinkers who like swag, be it t-shirts, beer mats, stickers or glassware – we can’t get enough of it.

So we decided to put together this “pilot” batch along with some kick ass breweries ranging from the west coast all the way to Japan – and some interesting ones in the middle, that you may never even heard of.

Why not pre-order your t-shirt now, as this is only limited to 100 spaces and once they are filled that’s it for this batch.

Go on – you know it makes sense.

What’s in it for the Brewery?

  • No Inventory to mange
  • Creative control over the design and t-shirt colour
  • We handle the distribution
  • A Set licence fee
  • Design is only used once per print run
  • Increased discovery of your brewery – Craft Beer drinkers do travel
  • It’s great to see how far your designs make it across the globe

If you would like to discuss getting a slot for a future batch, email hello at

£19.99 a month – No Contact, Cancel anytime, and wear awesome brewery tees from across the globe