Double IPA – “Tiny Pliny”

This was an interesting brew day, all of the ingredients were ordered via the malt miller recipe creator based off of the Vinnie Cilurzo recipe. Now like so many I’ve not managed to get my hands on a Pliny so have no idea what it should taste like personally. However I wanted to see if that Grainfather could handle a DIPA and more to the point could I brew it. 

The brew day started off well and soon the water was at temp and I mashed in, that was a lot of grain and after a while the grain was evenly distributed. The next parts went smoothly, or so I thought. The hop editions went in, I cooled and transferred my wort to the fermenter. 

Bollocks! I had forgot to add the dextrose before the boil! 

So, grabbing a pan I boiled some water, added the dextrose, stirred until dissolved, let it cool and then added that in. The temp of the wort was then at pitching temp and away it went. 

So I was supposed to hit 1.072 and I think after all said and done I was at 1.062. It is now sitting in the keg and ready to drink, I will update the post with tasting notes soon.