September 29th and 30th say Dark Star put on another festival of beer and music – Hopfest 2018. We arrived as the second band were just finishing up and they sounded great, manly covers of 60’s and 70’s rock ballads – but you could tell the crowd were into it. 

The beers on tap were old favorites and a few that were one offs for the fest, like the bands there were a couple of bum notes but all in all a good selection of styles. 

The White Stout was a stand out for me, along with the plum sour – that is one I am going to try and replicate soon. The bum note for me was the Green Hop IPA, just a little to “green” for me with a little hop burn. 

With that said it was a great atmosphere and it was raising funds for the Dark Star Foundation. So, if you are about next year head along and enjoy the beer, music and raise a little money for charity.