Immersion Chiller DIY Project

In April of last year I finally got around to building an immersion chiller, this was my first foray into homebrew DIY so I was a little nervous. The first thing I did was to find an item to wrap the copper around, I had a few items to hand, a paint pot and gas cylinder. However after working out the diameter of the chiller based on the pot I use, it was a lightbulb moment. Heading upstairs I grabbed a demijohn from the “brewroom” and set to work.

It was a little hard going at first, I think I was worrying about kinking the pipe so it was slow and steady. Once I got the first few coils set it got a little easier. The in and outlet sections were next, and these did prove to be a little tricky, but with a little easiing and shaping they turned out ok. There is an ever so slight kink in one of the pipes but it didn’t seem too much of a problem.

Then came the testings, rigging it up to some garden hose and hoselocks with plumbers tape – she was ready to go. There were a few leaks at the inlet point, but with a tightening of the clamps it seems to be running fine.

I have used now for about 4 brews and there is a slight leak now and again, which makes clean up a little annoying. However I will be changing it to a pump system instead of a garden hose connection to save on water, when we get into the new place.

Costs (Average):

Wickes Microbore Copper Tube 10mmx10m – £22.99

Hozelock Hose End Connector – 4.99 Each (can get cheaper from Wilkos)

Hosepipe – made off cuts from already owned hose

Clamps – £2.99 for 2