Mangrove Jack Berliner Sour

After picking up the Keezer, it was time to start filling the kegs up, but what styles to choose? Also I knew 4 brew days was going to be pushing it with the time frame. So I headed on to the home brew forums to check out what kits were being recommended.

The Mangrove Jack batch series were getting some good reviews and I love a good sour beer (more for me as my mates are not so keen) so I bought the kit with the added malt extract pack that was recommended for about £30 with delivery. Now I know it is a little expensive for a kit, as you can get an all grain recipe together for a little less. However it was a toss up between time and effort – time one out.

The kit itself is an easy, no more than 30 mins from opening to setting away in the fermentation bucket, but this kit seemed a little more “together” than the others I have come across. The pouches sat in the sink for a few minutes to help with the pouring and there wasn’t any hot cans to deal with.

I pitched the yeast and away it went – like a rocket.

After 3 days there was a crazy amount of krausen, which had lifted the lid off of the bucket, and no doubt would need a lot of cleaning up after all was said and done.

After 7 days in the fermenting fridge (at 22 degrees C) the FG was reached and I was at around 3.6% and 21 liters after trub. The beer was transferred to a freshly cleaned and sanitized keg and will be hit with CO2 this weekend ready for drinking in a few days. I will update this post with how it turned out.